FAZ article on Howard Rheingold

The FAZ* recently published a page-long article on Howard Rheingold and his predictions.

Es sei eine ganz andere Welt, in der jeder die Möglichkeit habe, auf seiner Website seine Meinung zu verbreiten: “Und es wird immer schwieriger diese Welt von einer zentralen Stellen zu kontrollieren.”

In a nutshell: It’s not so much about what new technologies are evolving, but rather the ways and means social communities are using these to interact and behave…

Other remaindered links pêle-mêle:

Flickr has 775,000 registered users and hosts 19.5 million photos, with growth of about 30 percent per month.

Skype is number one in the North American VOIP business – and spending 0 $ on advertising.

On Blogosophy: Don’t mention the skiing looks back to the blog age: Is there any proven evidence that blogging existed at the start of 21st century?

*not available online = this publication may lose significance and influence in certain social communities in the near future

[update] re: FAZ-article – it seems i was a little fast in my criticism that the article is not available online. Here it is.
Thanks Mlle. A.

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  1. no, it is online now. the search engine has one restricted and one full text link now – very weird.
    full text online

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