Resetting Cayman Netopia 3341

i’ve changed ADSL providers and had to reset my old ADSL router, Cayman Netopia 3341, to the new ISP. Here’s a short description of the steps involved (for my own future reference).

To reset the router:

  • Reset the router to the default factory settings. There’s a small round opening next to the power plug. This is the Reset Switch.
  • Use the point of a pen to reset to default factory settings.
  • Next, open your browser and type the IP number
  • Type Admin as the username and 1234 as the password to access the router setup. The Netopia Welcome page displays.
  • After a couple of minutes, a screen appears prompting you to enter your username and password. Type your new ISP details.

è voilà .

3 thoughts on “Resetting Cayman Netopia 3341

  1. You’ll need to contact your internet service provider for your password.

    I’m sure your model also has a way to set the settings back to default.

    Reset to factory settings.
    Then try to login with the above user name and password (see above).
    And then set your new user name and password.

  2. Hi: Does anyone know how to reset a Netopia Cayman Router Model # 3347W-006. Serial# 16187728. I lost my password and not sure what it is. Can someone help me with this.


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