Reflective Moment

Where do I come from?

Where am I going to?

Who am I?

Three central questions which surface every so often in literature, philosophy and personal lifestyles.

worth a reflective moment…

[update May 25] found this very interesting read via Innovation Wings on product development:

Having a cup of coffee first thing in the morning is as much of what you do as finite element analysis. I’m not trying to demean anybody’s highly valuable skills, rather, I think people don’t engage in this type of self-reflection often enough. It is healthy to question authority. It is illuminating to review not only your self-value, but your role in the cosmic scheme. The small picture is what keeps you going, the big picture is what keeps you humble. Our animal selves tell us that the ship date is coming up and our brain will be in a better position to release endorphins if it is met on time. Our spiritual selves argue that life goes on no matter what you do. Which is correct?

Thought I’d drop the above quote in here. There is something inherent in us that questions our inmost being. From the purpose of life to IT product development.

By nchenga

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  1. linguistic nit-picking on a sunday morning:
    wouldn’t it be “Dumb” instead of “Numb”…? Is it a case of AmE vs. BrE?

  2. ah no – the cartoon really puts the finger on the spot. most people simply cannot deal with these kind of questions 😉
    we’ve been pondering here on whether it’s better too be really numb or fairly smart? who’s better off, then: numb, not having to worry about existential things, passing out of this world one day and theat’s it…or, smart, worrying once in a while [or more often thant that], and fearing the ultimate day on this planet? really, i find it’s a very difficult thing to answer! [even though i, for myself, would like to be a lot more smarter…]

  3. ouf…
    yeah, there’s always a simple answer 🙂

    your comment shows another thing to fix. Need to force a line break in long links.

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