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I attended the JAX session on using social software in companies. It was refreshing to hear a good description of what blogging is all about, other than the usual negative “Tagebücher” reports. Matthew provided a very balanced and informed presentation on weblogs and wikis and their use in a corporate context (I hope the JAX organisers will be providing access to the slides).

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  1. yet again…I think developers here and developers, uh, across the big lake and the canal are quite a difference.
    makes me think of keeping my eyes open for the next local blogger conference and see to get myself into there somehow…

  2. i was late for the session. That’s why there were no hands 😉
    I would have thought that developers are more active on the blogger front.

    There’s going to be a DVD with all slides and examples…

  3. p.b. I suggest I bring my laptop tomorrow morning and we’ll have a blogger Arbeitsfruehstueck. Heh. Forget the castle. Forget the scenery. 😉

  4. finally. maybe if you convince them that the slides are an essential contribution to a better understanding of “blogging”, they’ll be kind enough to release them.
    By the way, I thought this quote of Matthew’s

    “Before I started I asked for a show of hands on who was already writing a weblog and none of the roughly 20 attendees showed a hand. This shows how these things are far from commonplace here in Germany – ”

    shows pretty clearly that there is yet a lot to be done.

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