Beta Deserves Better

I was browsing thru the list of bloggers that attended yesterday’s meetup (me included). This entry at had me laughing out loud:

Beta forever (in German)

Heh, I agree beta deserves better. And here’s my link to Nirgendwo.


Matthias 3 June, 2005 Reply

Well, yes. If you never blog about your job, your friends, your colleagues, relatives, shopping, entertainment, or the place you live, you should be reasonably safe.

mademoiselle a. 1 June, 2005 Reply

a lot…yet a lot remains hidden [depending on how clever person is, of course].

Matthias 1 June, 2005 Reply

I haven’t really noticed that most German-speaking bloggers have their address on the site. On the other hand, anonymity on the web is a myth, even if you don’t post your ‘real name’, a determined researcher could find out a lot about you.

mademoiselle a. 31 May, 2005 Reply

after doing some browsing….question repeat:
I’d really like to know why, especially, German-blogging blogs have this monster colophons – you know, publishing the entire address [while everyone is complaining about Datenschutz in other places], law statements and exclusions, commenting by supplying a “real name” [what ‘s a real name? it’s far more important to have a valid email address to talk to a person]….

christian 29 May, 2005 Reply

Hehe, and I just finished two little pieces of software (They’re on my blog) and labeled both of them version 0.1. And then I thought about how they’ll probably never grow up to be a 1.0 anyway.

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