Give Me Something For The Pain

i’m currently editing several Word 2000 docs, length varying between 20 to 200 pages.

A couple of things are driving me crazy/mad/nuts/insane:

  • adding 3 different types of headers and footers (title page, preface, and main)
  • empty pages which don’t show online in the Print View, but which suddenly appear in the PDF
  • automatic / manual hyphenation

Previously I used to work with FrameMaker. A difficult program to learn, but once you know how… It does it exactly what you want. In Word there are always side effects. When you start changing something at one end… something else falls apart. Unfortunately FrameMaker isn’t an option. And so I need to become a Word expert fast. I have seen some great work done in Word. It is possible…

…meanwhile give me something for the pain.

[update May 01] add to my list of Word woes and wailings above:

  • removing a cross reference without replacing it by another

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  1. I stopped trusting Word for that somewhere in the early 2000’s. Exactly for this empty pages and the inbound links thing. Among other.
    The empty pages are connected to the printer driver [Adobe, that is]? It was for me in most of the cases. FM is just so handy…

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