Blogs Will Change Your Business

Business Week has launched a blog at
and explains why business cannot afford to ignore the blogosphere:
Blogs Will Change Your Business

[update April 26]
excerpts from Om Malik’s comments on Business Week cover:

sell when Business Week’s cover says buy

Now that blogs are in the cover of Business Week, you can safely say two things – blogs have gone mainstream, and blogs are over.

OK with me… never liked the hype anyway.

Business Week cover means that companies will pay attention to blogs, hire consultants who at best are *dumb* in the ways of blogging, spend millions of dollars, make some people rich and eat into the ever shrinking marketing budgets.

hire me: I’m a savvy blog consultant

[update May 18] gapingvoid says:

The reality is, blogging is hard […]. It’s like figure skating- it looks easy, but it isn’t.

Expect a corporate backlash against blogging in about six months, once all the meatpuppets who read the recent Businessweek front-pager start finding this out the hard way.

I agree about the corporate backlash.

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