If you’re in marketing…

Ten Reasons Why Blogging is Good For Your Career

  1. You have to get noticed to get promoted.
  2. You have to get noticed to get hired.
  3. It really impresses people when you say “Oh, I’ve written about that, just google for XXX and I’m on the top page” or “Oh, just google my name.”
  4. No matter how great you are, your career depends on communicating. The way to get better at anything, including communication, is by practicing. Blogging is good practice.
  5. Bloggers are better-informed than non-bloggers. Knowing more is a career advantage.
  6. Knowing more also means you’re more likely to hear about interesting jobs coming open.
  7. Networking is good for your career. Blogging is a good way to meet people.
  8. If you’re an engineer, blogging puts you in intimate contact with a worse-is-better 80/20 success story. Understanding this mode of technology adoption can only help you.
  9. If you’re in marketing, you’ll need to understand how its rules are changing as a result of the current whirlwind, which nobody does, but bloggers are at least somewhat less baffled.
  10. It’s a lot harder to fire someone who has a public voice, because it will be noticed.

From Ongoing (via Haslo.ch)

2 responses to “If you’re in marketing…”

  1. yeah… #10 isn’t realistic. I think #9 is important. These days, news can spread very fast and in different, unexpected ways… and I believe, this is partly due to blogs picking up a lead. So if you’re in MarComm you need to understand blogging to at least keep up with development.

  2. I am sceptic about #10, simply for the fact that there are bloggers out there who got fired because of their blogs and by bosses who feared bad reputation from what these people blogged about the company etc. But I do agree [and like] all other points. I need to start a more public blog…

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