Homesite 4.5.1 and Windows XP

If you’re still using HomeSite 4.5.1 on XP and you’ve activated automatic updates, you can start looking for an alternative HTML editor. I am.

Couple of days ago my HomeSite kept crashing, everytime I clicked the Design tab. Displaying the following error message:
No such interface supported.

A DHTML patch in one of the recent XP updates is causing the problem.

You can of course de-install the new DHTML patch that is causing HomeSite to hang up. But if at a later date you manually update your XP installation (e.g. to patch security holes that are being targeted by viruses), you’re back at square one.

My temporary workaround: I’ve disabled the Design mode.

But I guess it’s time to look around for a sturdy versatile HTML editor. For some coding, I’m already using UltraEdit. At a previous company I’ve used Dreamweaver 4 (can’t remember the exact version). I’m comfortable with writing HTML, but would like some visualization features for layout purposes.

Any recommendations? What are you using?

[Update April 16 2005]
I’m thinking of switching to Nvu. Offers both a Windows and Linux version.

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