one of those blogging days…

today is just one of those blogging days, when I say to myself there are other hobbies out there… like fishing, or knitting! Hobbies which are less affected by intruders.

Woke up this morning to find a MySQL error displaying… somehow I managed to resolve that.

Sun is shining and I’m sitting here trying to figure out ways to stop comment s*pa&m. For some reason I can’t install either spam-karma or wp hashcash. Followed the instructions, but I can’t get the plug-ins to work. Don’t know yet what I’m doing wrong. Any suggestions are welcome. Maybe I’ve customized my comments php file so that it doesn’t run with the above plug-ins? Maybe my webspace provider has some restrictions? Maybe I really am ready for a new hobby?

All along I’ve had visions of wading through digital junk. The information revolution is killing itself.

Anyway I hope there’s an upward learning curve and I’ll be able to find an adequate solution.

On a more positive note, I’ve installed the Debian distribution on my old laptop. I’ve still got a couple of settings (sound card, display, ADSL) to do, but the basics are up and running. And I’m moving to a cheaper ADSL service…

p.s. is there a wordpress user group in Basel ?

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