nothing much

It’s Sunday evening and I can’t think of anything blog-worthy to write. Feel tired and restless.

Weather has been unusually warm for January. Yesterday felt a bit like spring. Beautiful sunshine and about 15 degrees warm.

For those of you that are waiting for snow, here’s a snow photo I took 3 weeks ago:


or maybe it’s a snapshot from my recent journey to the moon? Small step for man, a giant leap for mankind…

Stuff I did this weekend:

  • Upgraded my WordPress installation to 1.2.2
  • Went jogging for the first time in 2005 – about 3 kms.
  • Did usual weekend chores like washing, shopping, cleaning.
  • Paid bills.
  • Talked on the phone and sent lots of SMS.
  • Answered emails.
  • Watched the relief effort in SE Asia.
  • Spontaneously decided to visit a friend only to find out that nobody was at home.
  • Surfed aimlessly thru the net and read online articles at Weltwoche, Spiegel and Focus.
  • Developed chronic back pain to the point that I think I might go to the doc tomorrow.

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  1. backpain — do you think it’s the age? I thought it’s the weather here, but I’m not into seeing a doc. For now, it’s Rheumasalbe and Kirschkernkissen. And maybe I should care for some sports…all this unhealthy sitting.
    Bills – good reminder. Weather – they say we could have up to 15*C today. Me likey.

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