British journalist in Malawi
Read Gwyneth Rees’ report on working for The Chronicle in Lilongwe. […] when freedom of the press is supposedly guaranteed under the constitution, journalists should not have to rely on the say-so of one man to go about their business. [update Jan 11, 2005] Here’s another article: Demoted from editor to delivery girl, overnight
text snippets
UK deports Zim asylum seekers – one million Zimbabweans are estimated to be living and working, some of them illegally, in Britain. English version of available at What is your favourite African song? Nominate your favorite African produced song here.
Earthquake in southern Germany
And I didn’t notice a thing… Epicenter: near Waldkirch / Emmendingen. Measured 5.4 on the Richter scale. See also: Spiegel Report your earthmoving experience. Fill out the form at: They’re also interested to hear from you, if you did NOT feel the earthquake.
dreaming of Lake Malawi
On rainy and stormy days there is little to do. Listening to music and reading have their limits. It is then that the housebound mind takes its own journeys, unfettered by time or place. One sails, once again in the Philippines’ Camotes Sea, walks on England’s moors, swims in Lake Malawi, kneels in Vienna’s Saint […]
recent cultural activities
Visited the Monet exhibition in Zurich. It focuses on his garden paintings. Monets Garden I really enjoyed the ArchiSkulptur exhibition at the Beyeler Foundation. Today’s gospel concert at the Theodorkirche was great. ist das Werkzeug…
Wer sich dennoch mit den neuen Gepflogenheiten näher befassen möchte, dem sei ans Herz gelegt: Einfach ein Wort wie z. B. Gämse eintippen und auf «Suche» drücken. Das Wort wird nun der entsprechenden neuen Regel zugeordnet. Im Falle der Gämse wäre dies die Schreibregel «Stammprinzip-Umlautbildung». Diese Regel wird nun leicht verständlich und mit Beispielen […]
Basler Brunsli
Apparently the Basel German word for biscuits/cookies/Kekse is Gutzi and not Gutzli. I was fairly confident that the bakery at the supermarket across the road from my office had introduced a typo. Turns out it’s not a typo. In my part of Switzerland, people say Gutzi, while in the Zurich area they say Gutzli. Anyway… […]
lead the way
[Linguistic nit-picking on a Friday evening] Stumbled across the word bakkie in this article: To celebrate 35 years of the Toyota Hilux bakkie on the African market including Malawi, Toyota is also displaying the Toyota Hilux Legend35 double cab with chrome bull-bars and anti-roll bars. In Malawi, the term pick-up is more commonly used to […]
ticino weekend
sono tornata a Lugano per un weekend. Un espresso, per favore! dolce fare absolutamente niente su Monte Bre.
Quote of the Day
Juergen Klopp, football coach of 1. FSV Mainz 05, said Leidenschaft und Bereitschaft sind bei uns immer da – was kann da schon passieren? Schlechtestenfalls verlieren. Aber das nimmt uns, solange wir kämpfen, in Mainz keiner übel. Source: Focus
Tinguely Museum, Basel
Weather has been very rainy and cold here. I spent yesterday afternoon at the Tinguely Museum… some snapshots: Close-up of a Niki de Saint Phalle sculpture in the museum park… could be South African from the colours. And here’s the full view. The museum was built by Mario Botta. I particularly like the view from […]
Hopes of malaria vaccine by 2010
The vaccine was used to protect 2,022 children in Mozambique and cut the risk of developing severe malaria by 58%.
message from the admin
upgraded to wp 1.2.1 In addition, I’ve managed to find a solution to the escaping comment form problem in IE. I replaced 100% by 400px in the css controlling the text area field: #commentform textarea { width: 400px; } If you don’t know what I’m talking about, sorry to late… the admin has fixed it! […]
Mailand oder Madrid – Hauptsache Italien *
I came across a number of Italian language links this week: Accademia della Crusca (via Mlle. A.) It – Eng forum at * The former German national football player Andreas Möller supposedly said this in an interview.
dog abandoned at supermarket
Apparently somebody abandoned (or forgot?) a puppy at the supermarket opposite of our office. There was a quite a commotion… The police came to pick up the young dog. The puppy looked really forlorn and lost. Poor guy. Cos he didn’t want to follow or wasn’t used to walking on a leash, the policeman ended […]
wir bieten die beste grammatik an
search for wir bieten die beste grammatik an
The Use of a Blog
Today i found out how useful old blog postings can be. Wanted to remove some Moire patterns from a newspaper scan and i knew that I had posted an entry on my old blog site. I get to minimize Moire patterns once a year at the most… and I easily forget which filter gives the […]
Online Tutorials
list of useful online tutorials for sql, html, php, css at scriptygoddess
the mitsubishi ad
One of the regular highlights of a Malawi visit is driving the Mitsubishi 4wd pick-up. It’s a solid vehicle, ideal for Malawi road conditions. And it’s fun to drive… But I did manage to lose grip in this ditch… YAMP…
freie sicht aufs mittelmeer
Here’s an interesting production playing at the Theater Basel. The stage is the streets of Basel… I saw an interview with Dani Levy, and I’m planning to go see the show. [Update Saturday Oct 30] I managed to get hold of a ticket despite the fact that the show is sold out for the season. […]
about returning to africa
The idea of returning is a dream that teases and torments many African expatriates.
What is Chiperoni?
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Phalombe Road (August 2004)
Photos taken along Phalombe Road in August 2004
I’ve started playing around with the css… I’m very much in “playground mode”. Everything is in transition… And this process will take some time. Cos my day job also involves sitting in front of “The Great Monitor” for hours on end, I try to use my free time to recover from the side effects of […]
the last wave
saw Peter Weir’s “The Last Wave” at the Stadtkino yesterday evening.