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A postcard from Basel

basel münster as seen from wettstein-brücke

I took this snapshot last week. A postcard view of the Münster in Basel.

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Leafy details

leafy details

Print candidate

I think this photo would make a nice poster…

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Busy roads

from my huge photo archive on Flickr:

busy roads

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Blogging is so 2004

LOL at this Wired article!

Thinking about launching your own blog? Here’s some friendly advice: Don’t. And if you’ve already got one, pull the plug.

I agree with the author. Blogging is so 2004. For the record: I installed WordPress on this server in September 2004. Time to pull the plug.

Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr instead.

(BTW I’m still the top entry at Google for Boring Flower Snapshot)

be bold, be strong!


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Zomba Plateau

browsing aimlessly thru my Malawi photos…