Text Snippets Circling Around
Pêle-mêle off the top of my head: Learnt yesterday: The number of English-speaking Internet users is decreasing, currently at about 35% of total number of Internet users. Shared yesterday: Who writes about African technology developments? From the list, I follow White African, Afrigadget, and sometimes Google Alert points me to IT News Africa. Photo processing […]
open source morality
The benevolent dictator model This article has been linked to from lots of WordPress sites, but I was just struck by the use of language… software is getting more religious and political comparisons.
Feisty Fawn
Seven Nice Things About Linux Ubuntu 7.04 “Feisty Fawn”
Free Software for Malawi
Alex Antener presents a talk on his Malawi projects: Freie Software – Eine Chance für Afrika, (in German) Very interesting, and lots of screens with GNU Linux. [update] The official recording of the talk is available online.
Buying a New Laptop
I’m planning to purchase a notebook in the very near future. It should: work flawlessly with Ubuntu be mobile and quiet (not to heavy and big) work with many applications at one time in GNOME / KDE with reasonable performance, i.e. mostly Web, email, Open Office, programming, DVD, music, (no gaming) cost around 1500 CHF […]
very south
One week vacation in Blantyre. It feels more like a month than a week. A lot has happened since I arrived at Chileka last Saturday. I even managed to fall ill for a day and a half. I still feel a little bit of nausea. It’s a long time since I have been in Blantyre […]
Rhetorical question of the day …
What would computing be without progress bars? I spent this weekend re-configuring my Ubuntu installation. It’s been about 6 months since I moved from Windows and I’m more than happy with Ubuntu and the Gnome desktop. I may try out Kubuntu sometime. Or try setting up an Ubuntu server. I’m still a newbie user but […]
Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade in Ubuntu Hoary
workaround for Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade: execute sudo apt-get remove firefox firefox-gnome-support mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. Then, once that’s finished, run sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox mozilla-firefox-gnome-support. source: The Firefox 1.0.7 upgrade in Ubuntu Hoary
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