I attended Medien-Barcamp 2019 – my notes and comments – #medienbc
Yesterday, I set my alarm to 6 am and jumped on the 7:33 train to Zürich-Oerlikon. On a Saturday. To attend a barcamp on media. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of barcamps, a barcamp is a conference that organizes the talks by itself, on the day, Someone provides some rooms and infrastructure such […]
Handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein
Here is a handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein during dusk yesterday evening: When I moved to Basel many years ago, some of my conversations went like this: Nchenga at Chiperoni.ch: I really like Basel. It’s got a lot of cultural events, museums, cinemas for a city of this size. It’s […]
Murten walk
I followed another recommended walk from the little yellow booklet, published by the Swiss heritage society. This time I headed to Murten to see the city wall. It was snowing quite heavily. The lake was invisible in grey clouds. But still fun. Especially with a cup of hot chocolate.
Sunday photo walk
I went photo walking again. I took the S3 from Basel to Saint-Ursanne today. It was beautifully sunny. BTW, I am planning to work my way thru this little guide by the Swiss Heritage Society.
Top 500 ICT companies in Switzerland
I finally found the top 500 list of top hardware, telecomm, networking and software companies in Switzerland. If you know where – it’s easy to find… Update 29 April 2019: The list is now behind a paywall
Stucky plays Stucky
Quick blog post to recommend Erika Stucky’s concert “Stucky plays Stucky”. Lots of fun. MySpace Website Lots of Youtube videos Kaufdorf car cemetery video
Handmade in Switzerland
Cross-reference: Mlle A. points to online marketplaces for handmade products in Switzerland.
Bike to work
for the record: Wer mit dem Velo zur Arbeit fahre, sei leistungsfähiger, weniger krank und schone erst noch die Umwelt, hält die IG Velo fest.
nchenga’s Web 2.0 roundup: Links and comments
How many online services did you sign up for, use once or twice, and then never return again? In my case, that would be lots of ’em. Some of them are really popular services like Digg or Mister Wong, where I just haven’t found a personal use case, or I’ve got a substitute or workaround. […]
meteo update
it’s official: September 2006 was (a lot) warmer than August 2006. For the full comparison see: SF METEO
TV Sunday
I just zapped into the making of Vitus on Swiss TV: Die VITUSmacher A film I really enjoyed. If you get a chance, go see it esp. in dialect… It’s raining cats and dogs in Basel. I hope this rainy weather will not result in floods and landslides in the mountains. Yesterday I saw War […]
Sling bag for digital nomads
This looks like a neat idea: a sling bag with flexible solar cells via bloggerli
Basel Blogger Meeting
A couple of Basel bloggers are meeting tomorrow evening at Restaurant Auf der Lyss. See Cybi’s post for details: Basler Blogger-Treff am Freitag 10. März
coComment is Swiss
completely missed this: coComment is a Swisscom spin-off… based in Bern.
Overview of Public Holidays in Switzerland
Just in case you’re considering to move to Switzerland, remember the catholic Kantons have more public holidays: Feiertage in der Schweiz Here’s the English Version (Wondering: Would a regular print encyclopedia include an overview like this?)
Swiss weather in Swiss German
Stopped by at the Swiss TV blog for the very first time, and do you know what: “es hudlet”, “es chuutet”, “es strääzt” oder “es chunnd ganz schöön cho schütte” Looks like I’ll need to learn more Swiss German dialect to find out what kind of weather’s being forecast for tomorrow. Just wondering if there’s […]
Blogger Meetup in Basel
If you’re a Basel blogger (or just travelling thru), there’s a meetup on December 15th at 18:30. For more details, see CyberWriter’s invitation Feel free to come along.
Blogger Meetup in Basel
Just got back from the Swiss Bloggers meetup in downtown Basel. It was fun sharing experiences and talking about tools and seeing the blogger “in person”. As bamboozled had announced a couple of journalists came by asking questions about blogs, star bloggers… and the future development of blogs.
freie sicht aufs mittelmeer
Here’s an interesting production playing at the Theater Basel. The stage is the streets of Basel… I saw an interview with Dani Levy, and I’m planning to go see the show. [Update Saturday Oct 30] I managed to get hold of a ticket despite the fact that the show is sold out for the season. […]