Today’s run #wod
My running plans experienced a setback earlier this week. I had to pause for a couple of days due to a sore throat and feeling feverish. But I’m feeling much better and I went for a slow run today. It went well. Yesterday I bought some jogging socks for my brand-new running shoes. BTW, if […]
Running Tips for the Cold Season
The transition from European autumn to winter still isn’t easy for this Malawi-born blogger. Even after so many years. I find it’s more difficult to go out running when it’s raining, windy and icy cold. But just like with warm weather, running outside is a good way to get accustomed to the cold season. And […]
Chrischona = done
A small feat to celebrate in my personal blog: I jogged uphill from Riehen to St. Chrischona today at a slow and leisurely pace. The first part was tough, but about half way between Riehen and Bettingen I started to feel better. I guess the endorphin production kicked in. Despite a setback due to flu, […]
Back to Running
Today was my first run with the running club since mid-December. And mid-way I felt kind of unfit. That’s the downside of jogging. You really notice the slacking. Due to a cold during the Christmas break and my South Florida holiday I didn’t run as much as I’d planned initially. Add lots of Swiss chocolate […]
Running blues
Running didn’t go well today. I was totally demotivated. Although I’ve been training regularly all summer, I was slow and running behind the group. After about 45 or 50 minutes I slumped in a deep dark “not motivated” hole. And knowing the route didn’t help much either, ‘cos it demotivated me even further.
Bike to work
for the record: Wer mit dem Velo zur Arbeit fahre, sei leistungsfähiger, weniger krank und schone erst noch die Umwelt, hält die IG Velo fest.
Sunny Days
Summer sports program in Basel from 10th July to 12th August: Sunny Days … they haven’t updated the pdf file with this year’s list of courses yet. [update] The pdf is up now!
Catherine Chikwakwa
Catherine Chikwakwa, long distance runner from Malawi, won today’s Silvesterlauf in Zurich. Again. Well done!