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Gratisography: Free, use as you please, high-resolution pictures.

Gratisography: Free, use as you please, high-resolution pictures..


Will it catch on?

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Photos of cellphone repair places in Blantyre

In 2009 I took these snapshots of cellphone shops in Blantyre, Malawi:



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Trying to capture the inner structure of a kaki persimone fruit aka sharon fruit:


kaki persimon.

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for the boring flower snapshot set

for the boring flower snapshot set | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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I like this Tumblr on #architecture

Here’s the link to Yohan Zerdoun’s blog on architectural photography

blogafrica flickr Malawi-related Photos

#wokongola #malawi – Liwonde National Park

So close that i managed to get quite a good snapshot with my small digicam:

#wokongola #malawi - liwonde national park

More Malawi photos to follow…

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For the boring flower snapshot gallery

Another addition for my boring flower snapshot set:

flower power

Carpe diem. Enjoy today. Don’t fight and argue. Meditate on beautiful and worthy things. Create something. Relax. Life is very short and fragile.

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Murten walk

I followed another recommended walk from the little yellow booklet, published by the Swiss heritage society.

for my photo tours this spring

This time I headed to Murten to see the city wall.

day trip to Murten and Bern

It was snowing quite heavily. The lake was invisible in grey clouds. But still fun.

Especially with a cup of hot chocolate.

day trip to Murten and Bern

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Sunday photo walk

Die schönsten Spaziergänge der Schweiz - heute: Saint-Ursanne (JU)

I went photo walking again.

I took the S3 from Basel to Saint-Ursanne today. It was beautifully sunny.

BTW, I am planning to work my way thru this little guide by the Swiss Heritage Society.


Urban flower pots

a snapshot

basel flickr fun hiking Photos

Photo walk

I walked up Tüllinger Hügel and took some snapshots:

basel flickr Photos

A snapshot from Basel

photo walk in basel-stadt

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I am thankful for lots of big and little things.

A job
The possibility to learn and study new things
Political and religious freedom
Fresh air
Enough water to take a shower when i want or wash my clothes
Reliable public transport when i need it
Challenges and adventures
My bicycle
A place to stay and store stuff (aka home)
Ways to express myself
The power to keep going
To know i can be happy and at peace despite the circumstances
I am thankful that my mood is independent of the weather or the situation
Being bilingual
Enough clothes to wear
Learning that wearing the right clothes makes cold weather more bearable
A digital camera to catch a moment
Clouds in the sky
Deep,refreshing sleep
Economic stability
Cooking and baking
Not living in a warzone
Nutella and chocolate

premium dog content

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A snapshot for every month

Sipping coffee, planning tasks, listening to the radio.

Here’s a quick review of my year on Flickr:

My most productive month on Flickr in 2012 was… September. I managed to upload 171 photos in one month. Least productive was May 2012 with 52 uploads.

January 2012

my frangipani phase

February 2012

multiple choice

March 2012

colorful and calories

April 2012

warnung vor dem hunde

May 2012

fruit salad

June 2012

beautiful day

July 2012

velo postkarte

August 2012

soooo boring

September 2012

flower pots

October 2012

leafy details

November 2012


December 2012


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Unplanned photo tour

Walked thru parts of Riehen and Chrischona today. The weather was better than expected. Took lots of flower snapshots for the boring flower snapshot set. So boring they easily qualify.

I found this sign on my way back to my bicycle:

der schönste ort der welt

Made me smile.


I continued exploring Jekyll (see yesterday’s post). Bin gespannt.


Further snapshots:

soooo boring
sooo boring
for the boring flower snapsot collection

Shooting like a pro

Took part in a photo shooting at the day job. I learnt a lot by watching a pro.

Lighting – using indirect flash and white boards to bounce the light.

Tethered shooting – to position the photo and to check the lighting and sharpness on a larger screen.

Quantity – the photographer took 28 GB for 10 photos. We tried 40 to 50 photos per theme.

blogger Photos tech

Barcamp Bodensee 2012

I attended Barcamp Bodensee in Friedrichshafen yesterday. Very enjoyable.

Big thank you to the organizers. It was worth getting up early.

It started with breakfast and an emotional greeting by Oliver Gassner: “The internet is made of people.”

And it was truly impressive to see so many people attending and participating.

The location at Zeppelin University on the shore of Lake Constance was perfect.

A few highlights:

A talk on sleep by Jan Krämer
“sleep is good for creativity”

Facebook community management
Romy showed us how she manages comments, spam on a large Facebook fan page. Her advice: never delete a comment or block the user. Rather mark the comment as spam and then explain why. She recommended having a page on policies and handling of comments in a “Netiquette” page. She showed the new content management features that went live recently for fan pages: you can now schedule posts and assign different admin roles. And her take: all the brands are spending $$$ to gain Facebook followers; very few followers are organic.

I learnt a lot just by listening.

And if I ever start a company, I would go to each and every barcamp in Europe and present my idea. Startup presenters get so much free and useful consulting and marketing ideas from attendees.

Thank you.


BTW, the DB train along the German side of the Rhine river is very noisy and made me feel queasy and travel-sick. Buy some new trains and renew the tracks. Or maybe SBB should take over this route?


1 May 2012

Blogging advice in 2012 err… 2011:

“Don’t look at it as a Blog ”“ It’s content distribution.”

Heh, I thought blogging’s dead?!

It’s the first of May – a public holiday in my part of Switzerland. I am listening to BBC radio and reading news distributed via Facebook and Twitter.

Random useless fact of the day:
I woke up at 5:40. For the second day in a row.

I have been posting snapshots on Flickr:

meticulous: a gardening shed

warnung vor dem hunde

And may I say that my set of really boring flower snapshots is… well… really, truly boring.

I received an offline comment on this phrase on my Flickr profile:

Unhindered by talent or technical skills, I hope I can at least convey the fun I’m having.

Questions and random observations:

By the way, where can i find the best samosas in Basel? And I still haven’t solved the issue of best dim sum in Basel.

Which Klippan cover should i get for my Klippan couch?

Via this tweet, celebrate the end of winter with this Italian children’s song

Fruit fool:
I was just reminded of my first cooking class at Saint Andrew’s: we made fruit fool – with custard and seasonal fruit.

Twitter has changed my reading habits. If a webpage is full of text… So I’d better stop soon.


Layered snapshot

photo walk to Chrischona

General Photos

Alles wird gut

I went a’photo-walking. Some snapshots:




africa flickr Malawi-related Photos

Blantyre photos

on Flickr

General Photos

Three snapshots

near basel sbb

peeking thru the window

garage t. inglese

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Tomato photos

tomatoes from the bio-market

i made Risotto today...



tomaten tomatoes pomodori

basel biking Photos

Bike tour to Bad Säckingen and back

I cycled over 60 km to Bad Säckingen via an unwanted detour to Liestal, and then on to Rheinfelden, Möhlin, Wallbach, Stein. I cycled back on the German side via Schwörstadt, Grenzach-Wyhlen.

No mountains. A few hills.

I only took a few photos. Coming soon.