How to Resize Photos
My family’s email account in Blantyre was blocked twice in the past week, due to well-meaning but over-sized Christmas and New Year email greetings. Attachments with over 2 MBs. The family is still on a phone line with a very slow connection rate. And downloading emails with a large attachment takes forever and a day. […]
SMS for Rural Health Service in Malawi
Before I rush into my busy day: CNN has published an article on Josh Nesbit’s project at St. George’s in Namitete, Malawi. I wrote about the project here and talked about it at BlogCampSwitzerland.
BBC on Fish Farming in Zomba
Recommended reading: BBC’s James Morgan on fish farming in rural areas of Zomba district, Malawi. It’s a perfect circle. “Or what we call an integrated agriculture-aquaculture (IAA) system,” says Joseph Nagoli, of WorldFish. “This isn’t high input fish farming. This is simple and sustainable.”
Appfrica Interview on MTN Uganda
Just a quick note to point to an interesting interview with an official of MTN Uganda at: Appfrica: Interview With MTN’s Erik van Veen – Part 1 These points caught my eye: (…) revenues per user, are very low in Africa by international standards, and require a low cost operating model if the Operator is […]
I just surfed through lots of cool new photos in the Malawi group on Flickr. Including these photos of Mulanje mountain by Lisa de Vreede:
My BlogCamp Switzerland Talk
As announced on Twitter, I presented a talk on mobile technology in Malawi at today’s BlogCamp in Zurich to share what I’m learning from the African blogs and tweets that I follow on a regular basis. I started my talk with a short intro on Chiperoni (I am a bridge blogger somewhere between Basel and […]
Mobile Communication for Rural Health Project
I stumbled across this blog by Josh Nesbit discussing the use of FrontlineSMS, a tool to set up a text-based communications network, in a rural health project in Namitete, Malawi. Here’s a 7 minute long interview with one of the community health worker. At about 3:00 she starts discussing the advantage of having a cell […]
Coca-Cola Ad in Blantyre
See also this previous entry on the Coca-Cola Index.
The queue at the Road Traffic office
Malawi blogger Victor Kaonga writes about the long queue at the Road Traffic office: NDAGHA: What I saw at the Road Traffic Office in Lilongwe I waited in a similar queue in Blantyre during my visit last year.
Mobile Technology and Malawian Farmers
Cy has uploaded a video discussing the benefits of mobile technology for farmers in Malawi:
Biking in Malawi
stumbled across this: Malawi Travel Guide and Bicycle Touring Guide Not very detailed though. The south is less hilly than the north. Ok.
Hong Kong Restaurant in Blantyre, Malawi
Chinese restaurant in downtown Blantyre in Malawi. (BTW, this is a Internet Marketing experiment…. If you read this blog post and then end up going to eat at this BT restaurant, please tell the owners where you first heard about it…)
Wikipedia in Tumbuka
stumbled across this: Wikipedia in Chitumbuka
Back from Blantyre
I spent a couple of sunny, winter days in Malawi’s biggest city, visiting family and meeting friends. I’ve started uploading some of my snapshots to Flickr. More to come as I sift thru the GBs of data. Travel was uneventful, except for the fact that my luggage took 6 days to arrive in Blantyre. It […]
Radio Stations in Malawi
Bennett has listed an overview of Malawi radio stations: MBC Radio 1 (state broadcaster) MBC Radio 2 FM (state broadcaster) Capital FM Power 101 FM (Provides live internet streaming) Radio Maria Malawi (Provides 24 hr live internet streaming from Malawi. Currently my fave, because it brings me closer home when I am outside Malawi.) Star […]
Malawi Blog on Learning Tumbuka
Monire monire! Muli uli? Tobias Kumwenda has started a blog to teach Tumbuka ( via Global Voices): The mission of this weblog is to teach those people who are not ChiTumbuka speakers located across the world, but have developed passion to learn this language. A great idea. Keep up the good work! See also Wikipedia: […]
Web to SMS
for future reference: I use Twitter’s direct messages to send out an occasional text message. I’m trying to set up a Twitter account for my family in Blantyre. The idea would be to DM them via Twitter. But somehow, the cell phone authentication is *not* working. (Any ideas?) As an alternative, I found this page […]
CNN Report on Malawi Doctor Shortage
There’s a CNN TV report on the shortage of qualified medical personnel in Malawi. I zapped into it yesterday. It shows the dire situation at Mulanje District Hospital and in a rural dispensary. They interviewed a volunteer doctor from Uganda, a midwife who works in rural villages, a couple of Malawian doctors that are working […]
Director of The Fairtrade Foundation recommends Satemwa
and Lujeri Tea Estates in an interview with My favourite hotels are… Locally run guesthouses. I stay in many around the world, but recently I was in the tea estates of Malawi and stayed at the Satemwa Guesthouse in Thyolo (00 265 1473 256; and Lujeri Lodge (00 265 8 854 894). It […]
Website: review everything malawi
I noticed a new website on Malawi:
Zomba Plateau
browsing aimlessly thru my Malawi photos…
Malawi runners at Austin Marathon
While googling “porters race” I found this: Rogue Training Systems, a health and fitness company in Austin, Texas, is giving Malawian runners the chance to run Austin’s AT&T Marathon in February 2008.
Floods in Mocambique and Malawi
Heavy rains are causing the Zambezi and the Shire to flood. Here’s a BBC report: Heavy floods have also destroyed homes and crops, displacing thousands of people in southern and central Malawi. The Malawian government is warning people to relocate from flood-prone areas, but many have been reluctant to leave their farms.
Malawi blogger
Another Malawi blog I’d like to share with you: Dr Khumbo Kalua writes about his studies and work as a Senior Eye Specialist in Blantyre.
Light, misty drizzle
Google Book Search on chiperoni: The climate is tropical and monsoonal with a wet season (November to May) and a dry season (May to November). The dry season is mostly cool but hot and humid prior to the first rain. Maritime influences ameliorate the dry season in the Shire Highlands with periods of light, misty […]