Jog log

I went for a 40 minute run today. Only the first 5 minutes were dry. Then it started raining. Towards the end of my run, the rain became quite intense. Even my trusted rain gear was soaked through.

It was the third time I got soaked today. I guess the rainy season is back.

A valid question?

A tweet to keep. I stumbled across this C.S. Lewis quote:

A valid question to consider.

Sun’s shining. A beautiful day lies ahead. Will try to enjoy the moment today.

A backlink for today’s Smashing Magazine newsletter

I like today’s edition. I started tweeting some of the links.

A Sunday in April

Weather was better than forecast.

It’s been fairly dry. So today’s rain was a welcome change. But despite dark clouds and rain symbols on the Swiss Meteo app, the rain was over by lunch.

Time for a bike ride.

WOD: I cycled to Rheinfelden at a leisurely pace.

Grenzach-Wyhlen – Herten – Rheinfelden – Kaiseraugst – Birsfelden

“How Much Content Do You Need For B2B SEO Success?”

For future reference:

It’s something I need to look at for my day job. If you know of any background articles please let me know.

Questions and thoughts to explore in this context:
Maintaining multilingual B2B web content is time-intensive. More pages means more maintenance. Should I delete non-performing pages? Re-fresh the content? How do I analyze which pages to discontinue or keep and which new ones to add? Carry out workshops with stakeholders such as sales?

Somewhat related is this presentation on agile marketing:

The first couple of slides remind me of discussions with Persillie on Agile methods, Scrum and software development projects.

I’d like a frugal testing machine. It would help me all along.

Complimentary links: 2 random photos from my Flickr archive. Alles wird gut.

Ka-wuuuum, ka-crash!

And suddenly it’s March. Despite all my lofty plans to use Chiperoni as my tweet machine, I was feeding the corporate silo with links galore.

Until I saw this. There’s an IndieWeb plugin to install.

Tweet, tweet.

Life is busy. My day job keeps me busy.

The weather has been beautiful this past week. Sunny and warm.

Basel is celebrating Fasnacht. The amount of confetti on Wettstein-Bridge on Monday evening was incredible. The clean-up operation at 8 pm was quite fascinating. They bring out major equipment and with all the yellow light flashing, it creates quite an atmosphere. But I didn’t stop for any photos.

Yesterday I stumbled across a very moving series of photos from Fukushima by Metroblossom.

Sad. Especially the long term effects of the nuclear power plant. I watched a video on the ARD German TV Mediathek site called “Meine Tante aus Fukushima”. Equally sad. Let’s not forget how vulnerable life is. It doesn’t take much to destroy your livelihood.

In the film, the one thing that the family picked up from their former house were the family photo albums.

The ability to capture one moment in time. To preserve memories.

That’s one of the things that draws us to photography.

I’ve been posting some photos on FLickr. I quite like this close up: