La domenica sportiva
I went for a long slow run today. Along the Wiese river. Up to Bettingen. Via my favourite sawdust track (aka Finnenbahn) at Ausserberg. And, ending my run at the Kneipp facility in Riehen. Feeling positive and blessed.
Static site generators
On Hugo: I’ve worked my way thru this Udemy course, which explains the principles:  It’s fun; an alternative to server roundtrips; lots of cool themes to get you started:
Looking for *the button* to reboot the universe?
I found it. It’s at a pedestrian light near Basel SBB. A fun street art sticker I saw this past week.
Jog log: Early bird
Achievement of the week. I managed to go running twice this week – in the morning before work. It’s cold and dark. Getting outside and getting started is the challenge. Running is fun. And overcoming my inner pig dog (only Germans have this) is even better.
Jog log: This hill in my backyard
I went for a slow run up the hill today. Two kilometres on the sawdust track and then further up the hill, all the way to the top. I don’t have any metrics to share because I haven’t jumped on the “quantified self” bandwagon. Yet. My guess: more than 1 and a half hours and […]
Photo walk
I walked up Tüllinger Hügel and took some snapshots:
Buildings to see in Basel
I stumbled across a list of places to see in Basel (link now broken) and decided to venture out and have a look at some of the listed architecture. Freidorf Residential Estate (1920) by Hannes Meyer in Muttenz near Basel Antoniuskirche (1927), near Kannenfeldplatz, Basel by Karl Moser I really like this church building. It […]
The internet is for everyone
Got to love the Internet. Nothing is too obscure. Videos of rain And a web page for non-twitterers… Tell the world why you don’t tweet: Buon weekend
Stumbled across this, while searching for “tintin comic” for a work-related task: A collection of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics. (via).
Bike in the city
Bike cartoons from Paris: Bike in the city – le blog BD de Leah qui nous raconte sa vie / sa ville à  vélo.
Things to do
with a Gorillapod: Fasten your cam to moving objects… Let me see, where did i put my dog?
The Nutella Alternatives Group at Flickr
Yay, the Nutella Alternatives group is growing (world dominion imminent…). Recent additions include: The question Why spend so many hours and bytes on Nutella and derivatives? It’s a web differentiator! And when people wander thru the shopping aisles with their phone cams they need a purpose. The Flickr group lists all the details: Childhood […]
Lego face
Seen in Martin Gyger’s Flickr stream: These lego faces are fun! Just like web icons… you can see the pixels when you zoom in.
Monday fun
Some fun links to start off the week: Australia from memory The usefulness of Web 2.0
Monday fun
smiling at this comic: What the Duck
Tweet is an old favorite site of mine, which I found about 5 or 6 years ago. Nice to see that some things last. Here’s a fave. Turn up the volume and move the mouse over the birds.