Static site generators

On Hugo: I’ve worked my way thru this Udemy course, which explains the principles:  It’s fun; an alternative to server roundtrips; lots of cool themes to get you started:

Jog log: Early bird

Achievement of the week. I managed to go running twice this week – in the morning before work. It’s cold and dark. Getting outside and getting started is the challenge. Running is fun. And overcoming my inner pig dog (only Germans have this) is even better.

Stumbled across this, while searching for “tintin comic” for a work-related task: A collection of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics. (via).

The Nutella Alternatives Group at Flickr

Yay, the Nutella Alternatives group is growing (world dominion imminent…). Recent additions include: The question Why spend so many hours and bytes on Nutella and derivatives? It’s a web differentiator! And when people wander thru the shopping aisles with their phone cams they need a purpose. The Flickr group lists all the details: Childhood …

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Tweet is an old favorite site of mine, which I found about 5 or 6 years ago. Nice to see that some things last. Here’s a fave. Turn up the volume and move the mouse over the birds.