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The Nihilist Impulse

For future reference:
Eurozine article by Geert Lovink on weblogs

via Bruno Giussani

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Free Software for Malawi

Alex Antener presents a talk on his Malawi projects:

Freie Software – Eine Chance für Afrika, (in German)

Very interesting, and lots of screens with GNU Linux.

[update] The official recording of the talk is available online.

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text snippet

On the maximum saturation point:

If a new blog is being created every second, it’s worth mentioning that one is being abandoned every 1.5 seconds.

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Malawi bloggers on Madonna

My Google alert for news on Malawi has never had so many US and European articles as in the past months. All because of Madonna. Topics such as the last General Elections or bad harvests – which have a much bigger impact – were only covered by the usual outlets (BBC World, CNN). I remember searching Malawi forums for news on the election results.

A friend asked how Malawians see Madonna’s recent adoption of a Malawian baby boy. I haven’t heard much. Cos I’m here in Basel. But here’s a summary of Malawi bloggers that referred to the celebrity news:

  • Mike of Hacktivate built the Kumbali Lodge website, where Madonna stayed 😉
  • Alex of posted this excellent caricature of NGOs and their reaction (rough translation: the child needs to return, is that understood?). He helped to keep us informed during the last General Elections by setting up a web server at the Polytechnic and posting news and comments at frequent intervals.
  • and Soyapi uses the Madonna news item to point to Malawian software that you can also “adopt”.

I guess, there’s more out there. And more to come when Madonna goes back. I hope, she’s not in it for the PR only. In my humble opinion being adopted by a rich celebrity doesn’t really mean you’ll have a better life.

But even for Malawi, you can say that blogging technology has made it simpler to read personal thoughts and reports on news items.

Feel free to leave a comment.

BTW, this blog post was again inspired by fresh air.

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well-intentioned, but…

stumbled across this well-intentioned attempt to increase the salary of Malawi’s health personnel in Joanne’s blog:

Sometime last year DFID (the British development agency) decided to give money specifically to increase the salaries of nurses and clinicians, the thought being that this would help with retention of health workers. Unfortunately, the government decided that the new salaries bumped everyone into a higher tax bracket and in the end, nurses took home less money.

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Famous Blog Dogs

are you ready to jump?

If you’re a bit like me, you’ve also contributed your part to the Internet’s dog and/or cat content.

But there are some dogs out there with a really large fan base. Right at the top of the list are:

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Malawi Blogroll at Technorati

Soyapi has set up a list of Malawi blogs at Technorati.

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Another Malawi blog

newly started:
Malawi Wildlife

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A nurse midwife writes about her work experience in Lilongwe – sad and heart-wrenching with glimpses of hope.

I found a Quicktime movie about her work, but I can’t view it on my Windoze machine, even though I have the required Quicktime player.

[update] The video now works but it’s on a slowish server.

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Network Africa on Blogging

Network Africa interviewed Malawi blogger Mwai Kasamale.

Found out about this via SBAW-related posts

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On Marketing your Blog…

think “book” not “diary”

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the downside of communities…

Jeremy Keith writes:

Comments should be disabled 90% of the time.


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Basel Blogger Meeting

A couple of Basel bloggers are meeting tomorrow evening at Restaurant Auf der Lyss.

See Cybi’s post for details:

Basler Blogger-Treff am Freitag 10. März

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Basel Blogger Meetup: ze details

Cyberwriter’s posted the venue for tomorrow’s meeting:

We’re meeting at the Restaurant Auf der Lyss at 18:30.

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Blogger Meetup in Basel

If you’re a Basel blogger (or just travelling thru), there’s a meetup on December 15th at 18:30.

For more details, see
CyberWriter’s invitation

Feel free to come along.

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How big is Malawi’s Blogosphere?

Soyapi Mumba asks:
How big is Malawi’s Blogosphere?

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Blogger’s Block

some disorganized thoughts of the top of my head:

How personal should a blog be? What is the use of keeping a blog? It’s exciting to be part of something new. Where will it all end?
One thing is sure: the blog backlash is coming. Simply cos the current hype is building up. With advertising now available in RSS feeds. And many companies considering how they can jump on the bandwagon. To be honest: I’m getting somewhat tired of meta-blogging articles (she said, while writing about blogging herself). It reminds me of some of those meta-marketing theories which were popular in the Nineties.

The most exciting part of blogging is when it leads to real-life personal contacts. When online comments turn into face-to-face conversations.

Collaboration leads to innovation.

I don’t really have anything to say today. I don’t have any stunning content to offer. I’m just your average knowledge worker, huddled up in front of a laptop. I’m just blogging to overcome writer’s block.

At times I feel very empty. One big empty space. What am I living err… blogging for?

By the way, what was the first thing I asked when I arrived back in Basel? I got into the tram and asked the person sitting closest to me:
“ What was the weather like last week?”

[From my accent, the lady thought I was visiting… Well, no, actually I live here. ]

That’s so me… I’m genuinely interested in talking about the weather.

Markets are conversations. Here’s mine.

Anyway, I’ve got to move on and take care of some typical weekend tasks.

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Blogger Meetup in Basel in March 2005

Just got back from the Swiss Bloggers meetup in downtown Basel. It was fun sharing experiences and talking about tools and seeing the blogger “in person”. As Bamboozled had announced a couple of journalists came by asking questions about blogs, star bloggers… and the future development of blogs.