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Favourite podcasts

The Hidden Brain by NPR:

I listened to this one all about debt:

This episode all about scarcity was particularly impressive:

podcast time

Ted Radio Hour by NPR:

About loneliness:

How I built this by NPR:

How Ben and Jerry Ice Cream was founded:

The Story behind Recaptcha:

ARD Radio Tatort (crime fiction in German):

L’Italiano Vero:

The only language learning podcast that I like listening to.


(I hereby confess that I miss Twitter th …

(I hereby confess that I miss Twitter the moment it goes down for maintenance, but since my new WordPress Theme provides a similar feature, i.e. I can post directly from the main homepage, here’s a Chiperoni tweet, obviously following the @nchenga convention…)

Andrew Meldrum was on CNN this morning. I found this article at the Guardian.

Everyone is waiting. SW Radio Africa has this report on a sole Zim demonstrator at the Washington embassy. Though there must be a spelling mistake in the surname…

Asides fun

Stumbled across this, while searching for “tintin comic” for a work-related task:
A collection of cars that appeared in the Tintin comics.