Bicycle tour
then, i took part in this velo tour organized by the Swiss Architecture Museum and Open House Basel — ?…Collect this tweet (@nchenga) May 19, 2019
Architecture snapshots of Lucerne train station
Some snapshots taken at the Lucerne train station. Santiago Calatrava designed the entrance hall of the Lucerne train station.
Basel snapshot
Looking up at Messeplatz
Via an old snapshot, a link to an interesting architectural idea. Small, compact, moveable houses: miniHome.
I like this Tumblr on #architecture
Here’s the link to Yohan Zerdoun’s blog on architectural photography
Saint Peter
Some architecture snapshots of a church built in the mid sixties. Unfortunately the door was closed so I’ll have to go back for the glass windows.
A Sunday evening in mid-November
Instead of watching Tatort, I went for a short jog combined with lots of walking. I am still not back in my jogging routine. Yet. But I am enjoying being outside. It was so beautifully warm today. And. It is a good way to reflect. Time for mind blogging. I like being outdoors. I really […]
Buildings to see in Basel
I stumbled across a list of places to see in Basel (link now broken) and decided to venture out and have a look at some of the listed architecture. Freidorf Residential Estate (1920) by Hannes Meyer in Muttenz near Basel Antoniuskirche (1927), near Kannenfeldplatz, Basel by Karl Moser I really like this church building. It […]
Metropole Switzerland
Before I moved to Switzerland I read an article discussing the idea or rather the vision of Switzerland being one metropolitan area with ultra-fast trains zipping to and fro between the commercial centres. Recently this topic has filtered through to me again. I’m assuming that in a specialized context it has been discussed all along. […]
Architecture Tour “Birsstadt”
As seen previously on my Flickr stream, I stumbled across this poster: I took part in two architecture tours this weekend organized by Architektur Dialoge as part of the Les Journées de l’Architectures. Birsstadt I’ve uploaded a couple of snapshots of yesterday’s tour through Basel-Land. It was “off the beaten track” and lots of fun. […]
Recent cultural activities
Saw the play “Angst” at Theater Basel. It’s a kind of like a mashup with glimpses of 3 separate households on one stage, which then interweave towards the end. Entertaining. But it is not really deep or philosophical or thought-provoking. Covers all types of fear… Saw the movie “The Namesake”. Sad and moving. Great mood. […]
Maison Tropicale
Prefab house designed by Jean Prouvé in 1951.
Archidose has selected one of my architecture snapshots (taken with my cameraphone).