About me

Project manager: Built a multi-lingual website in 8 languages using Drupal. Managed and implemented many web, e-commerce and re-design projects.

MarComm specialist: expert in identifying and creating web content to support the buying process. Fan of David Meerman Scott’s book on “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”.

Early adopter: blogging since 2003, twittering since 2007. Love Flickr. Signed up at Facebook and Twitter. Tried Friendfeed. And most of the new tools since. Constantly scanning the web for new applications. Excited about new opportunities. Aware of limitations.

Web technology specialist: take care of all content-related issues (JavaScript, HTML, graphics, texts) on a website. Good JavaScript/PHP skills and knowledge of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Typo3, Magnolia and similar web tools.

Coordinator: evaluate, select and manage external IT and design contractors.

Diplomat: good at bridging the gap between IT and marketing.

Implementer: believe in small, smart project teams. The incremental approach. Fail early, fail fast. Small iterations. Problem solver.

Technical writer: written and edited API descriptions, technical manuals, user guides, online help.

Hands-on, can do marketing generalist: Past duties range from event marketing to content development to press relations to CRM to marketing and sales for a products and services company in the software sector.

Purdue MBA: completed the International Master’s in Management program at Purdue. My personal 2010 project. Done.

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