Embedded Flickr photos not showing in Chrome

I’m seeing some unexpected page views: Flickr photos embedded in the old way are not showing in Google Chrome on Mac. But they are showing in Safari on the same machine. I disabled all my Chrome extensions except Lastpass, but the photos are still not loading. This is how they are embedded: Any ideas why […]

Low cost stock photos

for future reference, a list of useful photo resources: http://nicoleschnell.ch/post/16935324027/stockbilder-for-free Searching on Facebook: I previously posted this link on one of my Facebook accounts. But i couldn’t find it although i knew which timeframe and FB account. Plus if a FB post doesn’t have any likes or comments or shares, it gets demoted. Very one-sided […]

Photos from the Netherlands

I went to the Netherlands for a long weekend. An inspiring place for a passionate cyclist like me…. I flew to Amsterdam and then rented bike and cycled north in direction Hoorn, along the Ijsselmeer. Very beautiful and lots of fun. The weather was sunny on my way up, but very rainy and windy on […]

How to Resize Photos

My family’s email account in Blantyre was blocked twice in the past week, due to well-meaning but over-sized Christmas and New Year email greetings. Attachments with over 2 MBs. The family is still on a phone line with a very slow connection rate. And downloading emails with a large attachment takes forever and a day. […]

Flickr photos

My latest photos from Blantyre to Basel. Most interesting photos: Flickriver Latest uploads at Flickr Explore: 1. DSC00104, 2. Christmas card…, 3. nutella alternative from israel, 4. bubble tea

Summer of 2019

There are so many beautiful poppies this year. I captured some impressions on Flickr. It must be the additional rain that causes poppies to bloom. The field next to Fondation Beyeler is red with flowers.