The future of SEO
Much like how today I’d take 10 email subscribers to my newsletter over 1,000 Facebook “likes,” I think in the future, we’d all much rather have 10 Google searches for our brand name than 1,000 Google searches for phrases on which we’re trying to both rank and compete for a click against Google themselves. Sparktoro
Defining humility
I like this definition of humility.
Watermelon days
Summer of 2018 will be remembered for its long, extended heatwave.
Agile words that caught my attention
Five pillars of collaborative product ownership. As seen here on Linkedin.  Respect people. Embrace uncertainty. Small experiments. Continuous learning. No complacency. (Question everything.) I think this works for other work situations as well. BTW, I’m testing Gutenberg…
Making cream cake
Watching my mom make cream cake. Click on the black area to start the video.