Quote to remember
via Su Franke on Flickr: "Firmen wollen auf den Mond fliegen, haben aber nur klapprige Fahrräder rumstehen" Zitat von Jürg Stuker https://t.co/PKlFCO22Q9 — Panchenga (@nchenga) September 17, 2016
The fast track to DIY images
For all my creative photography friends, here’s an article by Moz on how images boost conversion. And a list of tools. Visage https://visage.co/ Recordit http://recordit.co/ GIFboom (no link cos the sample photos look like they are intended for a dating site) Placeit https://placeit.net/ Studio http://www.madewithstudio.com/ SnapChat (errr… really?) The sample images displayed in the Moz […]
Co-working space in Copenhagen
Need a place to work in CPH for a couple of hours or 1 day? I can recommend the cafe of http://republikken.net/. Good coffee. Work atmosphere with other people working around you.