Jetpack Publicize
Auto-sharing via Jetpack Publicize didn’t work on my previous post on I’ll need to investigate if there is a conflict with another plugin. Irgendetwas ist immer. Maybe this post will be auto-shared?
Autumn colours
Last weekend, I went for a walk on Belchen in the southern Black Forest (1414 m). Not as high and spectacular as the Swiss alps, but still very beautiful. I nearly forgot to take my camera. Here are some snapshots:
A vine a day
I’ve started using Vine on my 2nd generation Moto G. I haven’t bought a tripod or started editing vines. Some recent shots: Everyday typography: Everyday typography — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 22, 2015 Chiperoni ku Basel (drizzle rain in Basel): Chiperoni ku Basel — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 15, 2015 Velo culture: Velo culture […]
Referral traffic from social media has dropped
I saw this Bufferapp article on declining social media traffic. We’ve lost nearly half our social referral traffic in the last year I say. No wonder. Everybody is online, creating tonnes of content. Most people are too busy to read, let alone follow so many data streams. Many web pages don’t get any traffic at […]
Blue light
I like this snapshot of blue light flooding the rest of the room:
Handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein
Here is a handheld shapshot taken along the river banks of the Rhein during dusk yesterday evening: When I moved to Basel many years ago, some of my conversations went like this: Nchenga at I really like Basel. It’s got a lot of cultural events, museums, cinemas for a city of this size. It’s […]
The future of blogging is … plogging
I found this Wired article discussing Facebook’s recent Notes update for long-form content and Medium. Apparently, “plogging” stands for platform-based blogging. "it’s hard being a blogger today, because to succeed you need to be able to scale" — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) October 3, 2015 “Blogs and the longer forms of expression they accommodate won’t […]