I never promised you a rose garden …
Snapshot of a flowered rose.
Riehen – Brombach – Schopfheim – Haagen – Riehen bicycle tour
I cycled to Schopfheim. An easy tour about 20 km one way. Going I went via Brombach. Coming back I cycled on the other side of the Wiese river via Lörrach-Haagen. Riehen – Brombach – Steinen – Maulburg – Schopfheim – Haagen – Riehen There’s one stretch between Steinen and Höllstein where the bicycle route […]
Red lentil soup
Inspired by this recipe I made red lentil soup. Turned out very well. In addition to the curry and coriander, I added some ginger, chilis and some Nali sauce.
I like this Basel snapshot https://flic.kr/p/xZMPbN
“Buvettes” are a big thing in Basel in summer. Their popularity is increasing. Same as street food trucks. Photos taken with a Moto G 2nd Gen smartphone. The best camera is the one that is with you.
You are not the user
Via the #confluencecon hashtag, I found some good background articles (thank you @ruthburr, @danlovejoy for tweeting). You are NOT the user. http://t.co/bMlp1uwJqU #ConfluenceCon #UX #Marketing — Dan Lovejoy (@danlovejoy) September 10, 2015 Take the time to understand your user. It will decrease the risk of creating an an unfavorable experience and give you an opportunity […]