Recommend reading: Why No One Pays Attention to Your Marketing
Why No One Pays Attention to Your Marketing – Whiteboard Friday "if you don't test, you'll never know" — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) August 16, 2015
Recommended article: “The Guide To Strategic Writing”
I read this article on writing: The Guide To Strategic Writing. The main idea, as proposed in the article, is to research and find a proven idea. Then, write an article that improves on this idea. Make sure the problem is real and your readers can relate to it The article provides a good overview […]
WordPress-y clean-up
I just deleted over 20 WordPress themes that had accumulated in my wp-content folder. Feeling de-cluttered. I’ve kept Syntax and Underline. I’ve also been unlinking tonnes of broken links. Next, I need to figure out why comments are not getting thru. BTW, there’s a WordPress conf in Zurigo on 19 September. I’ve been using WordPress […]
Recommended article: “The Web We Have to Save”
Via T3N, I found this article on the changing web. Not sure if we can stop this development, but at least we can raise awareness, and point hyperlinks back to content that we like and cherish.