I went photo-walking today
I hope you like some of the snaps I took today:
Moz on overall SEO strategy
For future reference: Questions to consider before you delve into the details "What does our organization create that helps solve searchers' questions or problems? " http://t.co/tPTJq5Z6FB — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) February 4, 2015
At the dentist on Friday: A Herbert Grönemeyer song played on the radio and my dentist started whistling along while I was on the dentist’s chair. Too funny.
WordPress alternatives
I briefly started talking about WordPress alternative with @persillie the other evening. Downsides of WordPress: It’s slow It’s not easy enough to use for non-techies Adding a shop could be a lot easier She mentioned Squarespace: I like the user interaction of #squarespace – but you need to be a US, Canadian, Irish or british […]
Secure Email
I’ve signed up for Protonmail.ch: Security https://t.co/ashHNTGLfU at @ProtonMail — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) January 25, 2015 And I noticed another company called Tutanota: next secure email app @Tutanota_de https://t.co/HVa7Foggis //cc @mllea — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) January 29, 2015 I think this is a great development. Instead of trying to get people to use PGP… maybe this will […]