Jog log: Early bird
Achievement of the week. I managed to go running twice this week – in the morning before work. It’s cold and dark. Getting outside and getting started is the challenge. Running is fun. And overcoming my inner pig dog (only Germans have this) is even better.
Autumn storm
The first autumn storm has made it to Basel. Strong wind. Cold air. Rain. A great opportunity to post old Flickr photos related to autumn.
Card sorting
For future reference. I just quickly wanted to post a useful background link on card sorting that I found today on Smashing Magazine. Improving Your Information Architecture With Card Sorting: A Beginner’s Guide
Handheld snapshot of Wettstein Bridge
I quite like this snapshot of Wettstein Bridge.
Four Flickr faves for a snapshot
I took this snapshot on Friday evening on my way home from work: Since then it’s received four Flickr faves. Hope you like it.
UX and Scrum
For future reference: UX Oxford: Roman Pichler on “UX and Scrum: How do UX and Scrum fit together?” from Oxford Computer Consultants on Vimeo. Via UX and Scrum. It’s good to see some discussion of this topic. It’s a challenging topic. Especially if you have a distributed team with team members in different geographic areas […]
HTML5 link re-surfaces
It’s fun when a fave re-surfaces an old tweet of yours about an HTML5 template. "HTML5 template" — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) July 27, 2013 HTML5 projects: I’m currently working on building a small website based on a template by HTML5 Up. Progress is somewhat slow. Before I tried Aerial. And Parallelism. HTML5Bones looks useful.
On creating networking opportunities
Here’s a useful link if you’re a shy introvert. Click-bait heading. With a heading like that, it’s bound to get some clicks. I’ve tried some of the tips mentioned in the article. Sometimes they’ve backfired. Especially, if the other person is shy, or answers all of your conversation openers with a monosyllable. Related links: Networking […]
About myths and legends
For future reference Recommended reading – The Myth of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors.
A quote to keep
This is how much time you have to get your message across: “imagine you are standing on the pavement and your audience is about to cycle past you. That is the amount of time you have to get their attention.“
10 years WordPress
On 6 September 2004, I posted my very first entry on this site. Many thanks to my 5 regular readers for being so faithful. You rock! Big thank you to the WordPress community and Automattic for keeping open source and free. More than ever we need independent and free web publishing software.