Month: August 2014

Some HTML5 fun

Mixing one of my Freiburg photos with some HTML and CSS: Looks best on a 13″ or smaller. On larger screens, the photo doesn’t fill the whole space. The original is here:


I got very lost in the K├╝ttigen-Rombach-Aarau area yesterday. Google Maps sent me to the wrong place. I missed the event. It was raining. I gave up. And walked back to Aarau. I found a nice place to recover called Tuchlaube. Next time I’ll try Gossip: On my way back to the station I found …

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Jog log: Oh deer

I went for a short run this evening. Nothing to write home about. Simply trying to keep up with the regular running system. Nothing spectacular. Except that I saw a deer. A deer. In this urban part of north-west Switzerland.