Month: July 2014

#POSSE: A clickable demo of my simple #indieweb blog

Here’s a simple example how you can publish your content on your own site and syndicate elsewhere (POSSE): I posted a boring flower snapshot into my self-hosted WordPress (WP) blog. WP posted the entry to Twitter using WP plugins Hum and Publicize One of my Twitter followers replied to my tweet. Using Webmention, the tweet …

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Cycling to work is fun

For some reason. Beyond my understanding. My regular bike to work (still) draws exclamations of amazement from some work colleagues. Walking into the office on Thursday morning with my bicycle helmet in my hand, I heard the usual comments. For the record: Cycling to work is fun. I don’t need to force myself to get …

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Jog log

I went for a 60 minute run today. I did some stairs and ran up a steep hill. Good running weather today. This Apple ad (that just played on TV) fits well: Tomorrow is a new day.

Jog log

I went for a 40 minute run today. Only the first 5 minutes were dry. Then it started raining. Towards the end of my run, the rain became quite intense. Even my trusted rain gear was soaked through. It was the third time I got soaked today. I guess the rainy season is back.

Running plans

Last Friday I ran 6.5 km at the annual Firmenlauf. Quite a party with over 3700 participants. Took 6 minutes before I crossed the starting line ‘cos of the huge crowd of runners and walkers. Wow. Quite impressive. I ran slowly and steadily from start to finish. Proud to say I didn’t stop running even …

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A valid question?

A tweet to keep. I stumbled across this C.S. Lewis quote: “Notice how we are perpetually surprised at time… In heavens name, why? Unless, indeed, there is something in us which is not temporal.” — C. S. Lewis (@CSLewisDaily) July 6, 2014 A valid question to consider. Sun’s shining. A beautiful day lies ahead. Will …

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Marketing buzzword – 2014 edition

The term “Growth hacking” has officially reached Germanic shores. The German magazine published this post on how to become a growth hacker (it’s in German). Cool marketing folks already have an account at or follow the Twitter stream.