#POSSE learnings – Things to add

Testing in progress. I’m using my self-hosted WordPress to tweet. It works.

WordPress offers Aside and Link formats for short entries.

Some things I’ll need to add or general comments:

  • I often tweet external links I find interesting. Twitter is my Delicious substitute. I need some kind of URL shortener for links that will appear in the tweet space. Or I’ll need to use bit.ly manually – like we used to.
  • I’d like links in the WordPress Aside or Link to convert automatically to an URL. There’s a WordPress plugin that auto-converts web addresses into HTML links. But it’s fallen into disuse.
  • How do I pull my faves and retweets out of Twitter?
  • I typically tweet a lot of Flickr photos. My photos are hosted on Flickr and moving them into my own site would be way too large and cumbersome. Not POSSE-conform yet.

Posting via WordPress, I’m adding an extra click. I assume this will negatively influence engagement with my tweet stream.

On the other hand, stepping away and taking the trouble to tweet from another (very) personal site influences what I’ll write. Automatically I find myself saying: Is this tweet worth it?

Twitter will change even more in the months leading to the IPO. We need to be media-savvy. And POSSE is a good experiment.

Have a good day.

Clicking is dead, scrolling is king.

Changing chiperoni.ch/wordpress/ into a tweet machine

I am quite excited about POSSE. I’ve added a plug-in called Hum to shorten URLs. And I activated the corresponding WordPress app for Twitter via Publicize. And that’s it. Voilà. My own personal tweet machine is up.

Advantages compared to publishing an RSS feed on Twitter? I guess it has a very similar end-effect to distributing a RSS feed via IFTTT or Twitterfeed. The URLS are shorter and I can define a shorter domain name if I want.

Next thing to explore is the Webmention plugin.

A couple of weeks ago, I got this idea to build a local SEO network for private use. Now I have a good idea how I’ll build it and still keep my sanity. Back to the future. I could set up a local-hosted WordPress site and then blast away. Reaching out to Linkedin, Twitter, G+ and Facebook. In a way, it’s very similar to good old RSS.