#Hacking the creative brain http://slidesha.re/1csUHlD
Hacking the Creative Brain from Denise Jacobs
#POSSE learnings – Things to add
Testing in progress. I’m using my self-hosted WordPress to tweet. It works. WordPress offers Aside and Link formats for short entries. Some things I’ll need to add or general comments: I often tweet external links I find interesting. Twitter is my Delicious substitute. I need some kind of URL shortener for links that will appear […]
How mobile technology is transforming Africa
Rudy de Waele on mobile technology in Africa
Print candidate http://flic.kr/p/h2ooiq
I think this photo http://flic.kr/p/h2ooiq would make a nice poster…
Learning to code
Useful online resources: http://lifehacker.com/bento-showcases-the-best-resources-for-learning-to-code-1450016607
Changing chiperoni.ch/wordpress/ into a tweet machine
I am quite excited about POSSE. I’ve added a plug-in called Hum to shorten URLs. And I activated the corresponding WordPress app for Twitter via Publicize. And that’s it. Voilà. My own personal tweet machine is up. Advantages compared to publishing an RSS feed on Twitter? I guess it has a very similar end-effect to […]
@pfefferle how do I add Webmention to my WP blog?
I am trying out the POSSE tools for WordPress.
POSSE and WordPress – trying the tools
I’m trying the POSSE tools for WordPress listed on Indie Web Projects. POSSE stands for Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.