Bicycle commute
Yesterday morning, while waiting for green at the traffic light, a car pulled up next to me playing Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley very loudly. Reggae sounds early in the morning. Made my day.
Writing for the web – assessing my own writing style
I love reading list articles. This one crossed my paths this week. Just for fun, I’ll run thru the list and assess my own writing for the web style on this blog. So let’s get started”¦ Provide a Reader’s Digest or Executive Summary version. I don’t write a reader’s digest or summary for posts on […]
Basel to Blantyre and back
My daily routine has engulfed me already. But I want to add some notes on my recent visit to Blantyre. And point you to some photos. And travel tips. Let’s start with the travel tips: A very favourable recent development for Blantyre-bound travellers is the fact that Ethiopian Airlines now flies to Malawi’s commercial centre […]
Banana bread recipe
For future reference: recipe
#wokongola #malawi – Liwonde National Park
So close that i managed to get quite a good snapshot with my small digicam: More Malawi photos to follow…