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Keep this link: “How to launch anything”

I enjoyed reading this article by Nathan Barry:

“How to launch anything”

Recommended read.

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My summary in my own words:

Start marketing early – even before the product is developed. This helps to identify your audience and to write a marketing plan.

Write with a purpose. Set a goal and work towards the goal.

Analyze your starting point. Who do you have in your network? Who and what can help you reach your goal?

No marketing budget to buy ads? Start teaching. Teach everything you know. It’s a way to start building trust and building a relationship.

Create a good landing page with an email opt-in form.

Write educational blog posts. Focus on creating high quality blog entries that teach the reader. Re-write and edit your blog entries until you feel they could be part of a book.
Mention your product. Include an email opt-in form in each blog post. But don’t write to sell, write to teach.

Collect email addresses and send out a regular newsletter. Remember contacts go cold.

Plan your launch sequence. Communicate all details well in advance. Send a pitch email one day before the launch. On the launch day, send a simple announcement email. Publish your sales page. Consider offering a discount on launch day.

Say thank you to everyone who helped you on the launch.


A flower snapshot

a snapshot by nchenga
a snapshot, a photo by nchenga on Flickr.

A poppy for the boring flower set.

Poppies are associated with Remembrance Day.

Malawi-related tweet

Malawi on Twitter – Version June 2013

Twitter lists are its most powerful and least-used feature.

While I am fully aware, that Twitter lists have lost significance in the past years, I still maintain a list on Malawi.


Since the early days of Twitter, Malawian content has increased many fold.

Social media content about Malawi during general election time, or about President Mutharika’s death, proved to be fairly accurate.

Obviously, a tweet on its own is just raw material. It needs further analysing and fact-checking.

Why Twitter? There is still lots of misunderstanding and one-sided reporting regarding African countries. Largely due to ignorance and the way mainstream media continue to report about the African continent.

Best way to change this perception? Well, one way is to tweet and share your views and opinions. Some ideas:

  • Share your technical innovations and solutions.
  • Tweet about your business idea and find partners for business and trade opportunities.
  • Build networks and become a trusted citizen journalist.
  • Show the positive and beautiful aspects of the country.
  • Write about societal and linguistic changes.
  • Write about mobile technology and its daily usage and fast adoption in Malawi.
  • Provide a realistic view of the challenges a small country like Malawi faces in a globalized world.

Tweet streams included in the list encompass:

  • Malawians living in Malawi 😉
  • Expats living in Malawi
  • Malawians living abroad
  • Organizations based in Malawi (e.g. business companies, media companies, governmental channels, charities and NGOs)
  • Organization outside of Malawi, but in some way connected to Malawi (usually charities or NGOs)
  • Journalists or academics writing about Malawi

In my humble opinion, is a great way to visualize articles. E.g. Malawi Tribune by Mabvuto Banda

Other Twitter lists on Malawi:

Malawi on Twitter
Mining in Malawi

blogger blogging writing

Because writing helps

Sometimes I wish I had developed into a confessional blog. You know the kind where you write about your worries and sorrow and challenges.

Why? Because writing helps.

I noticed yesterday that writing helped me to sort through a difficult web navigational problem that I am encountering. It helps me to reflect.

The benefits of writing daily. Which i don’t manage to do. Yet. Weekly would be a first, reachable goal.

My head is buzzing with lots of questions and ideas. This is where I can list them and then return at leisure. Still in line with my blog definition of 2004.

riding a bicycle

Some articles on web and social media content that I’d like to mention here:

The first is not new for bloggers. We noticed this long ago. In addition to quality content, frequency matters.

Here’s an interesting entry on link building and local SEO. In a nutshell: Focus on developing good content and engaging with your community on social media rather than spending $$$ on dubious SEO providers that add links from low-quality sites.

Writing tip via Seth Godin: Say the opposite. This also works for ideas. Try and think of your worst idea ever. So
stupid and dumb, nobody would ever use it. Often this helps you to find original ideas.

I am hearing a lot about Kaizen and I have questions:

  1. Aren’t Kaizen and Scrum related? What are the differences?
  2. And a dumb question – If Kaizen is a way to improve continuously, and Kaizen originated in Japan, why is the Japanese economy stagnating for so many years? Is it not used as much in Japanese business?

I found a great website that rates the Terms of Service of various web and mobile apps.


This morning I remembered some ancient poetry that we used to sing at school assembly in Blantyre.

Enjoy the warm weather.


Summer time

Finally summer is here. With a big bang. At least that’s my perception. After weeks and weeks of rain. Today temperatures may cross the 30 degree mark in Basel.


Camera update:
In case you’re wondering about the EXIF data. I swapped my Canon Powershot S90 with my mom’s Ricoh CX 6. And I bought a Lumix.

I love the wild flowers that are growing along the road curbs. This traffic refuge was full of buzzing bees.



Have a good week.