Successful blogging?
I love reading list articles. Here’s one that appeared on my radar today: 6 Pillars of a Successful Blog And just for fun, I’ll run thru the list and assess my own private blogging chez moi. So let’s get started… Purpose/Message/Mission This is a private blog. The main purpose is to learn and reflect. It’s […]
For the boring flower snapshot gallery
Another addition for my boring flower snapshot set: Carpe diem. Enjoy today. Don’t fight and argue. Meditate on beautiful and worthy things. Create something. Relax. Life is very short and fragile.
Is there life after death?
Just heard very sad news via Skype about a tragic traffic accident. Is there life after death? How will you measure your life?
It’s ok to hate Twitter
Interesting article: it may also reflect a changing attitude about social media: Our participation is still our choice, so maybe it’s time to talk about our problems with it, to think about ways to make our social lives better online. Just bellyaching because they can? Or is it a trend? From the archives: Will the […]
Identity and culture
Somewhere deep inside of me, I have this blog post bubbling up and forming about identity. It is influenced by my own state of being an eternal foreigner, an Auslandsdeutsche. But also influenced by other observations on organizational cultures and the changes within the internet. I started watching this talk by Anil Dash: He says […]
Social media sending less traffic, less clicks?
While analyzing website analytics on this blog and on other sites, I’ve noticed that, in year-on-year comparisons, website links within social media streams on Facebook and Twitter are getting less clicks. Despite more followers and more content activity. Reasons? I think many of us are nearing saturation point. Sharing and liking functions are everywhere. More […]