Murten walk
I followed another recommended walk from the little yellow booklet, published by the Swiss heritage society. This time I headed to Murten to see the city wall. It was snowing quite heavily. The lake was invisible in grey clouds. But still fun. Especially with a cup of hot chocolate.
Banana Bread Recipe
Squishy bananas. So I tried to make this: Banana Bread Recipe by Simply Recipes. But unfortunately, I added a lot of variations. Such as nuts and dried apricots and cocoa. So I can’t really recommend the recipe or write a review. But despite the odds, the result is delicious.
Moving from Google Reader to
Even though Google Reader showed up prominently in yesterday’s SERPs for “best free RSS reader”, someone at Google has decided to end the product life of Google Reader. It’s time to move on to a new RSS reader. Several RSS readers managed to survive despite Google Reader’s dominance. And some new ones emerged. These tools […]
e-bike rage, i haz it
I think i am developing a bad case of e-bike rage. Two days in a row, the same two e-bikes (bicycles powered by an electric engine) overtook me (cycling on a regular, muscle-powered bicycle) so closely, I thought they’d hit my bicycle handlebar. This morning I was waiting at a red light. A car was […]
Sunday photo walk
I went photo walking again. I took the S3 from Basel to Saint-Ursanne today. It was beautifully sunny. BTW, I am planning to work my way thru this little guide by the Swiss Heritage Society.