Best snapshot of 2013
The question is: How do I find the best Chiperoni snapshot of 2013? My most productive month on Flickr in 2013 was May. Least productive – at least in terms of uploads – was August. Here’s a quick review of my year on Flickr: January 2013 February 2013 März 2013 April 2013 May 2013 June […]
The blog is dead. Again.
Recommended read: Article by Jason Kottke. The blog as we once knew it is dead, but many of its elements will live on. If you want something to cry about, cry about the decline of the open web, the death of which would be a huge blow for us all. But perhaps that’s a topic […]
ET phone home
I like this blog post on the Crossroads website: Home for Christmas. ET phone home. Growing up in Malawi, I probably don’t share the same level of contemplative Christmas (“besinnliche Weihnachten”) memories that my fellow German compatriots may have experienced. It’s difficult to emulate some Christmas traditions when it’s over 30 degrees warm. My mom […]
A fave for
This is a blog post to say thank you to On Monday morning, I noticed that I had forgotten my bicycle lock at home. Since I don’t have a lockable place to store my bike near work, I hurried to the closest bicycle shop planning to buy a substitute. When I noticed I’d forgotten […]
Papaya is a super food
Via “50 foods you should be eating”, papaya is highly recommended: 34. Papaya If you’re feeling the onset of a cold, reach for this tropical fruit instead of an orange next time. One papaya has more than three times the daily recommended intake of vitamin C and is also stocked with flavonoids, vitamin B, potassium, […]
Football crazy
A snapshot I took today: Football crazy.
My wish list
Inspired by various gift lists that are showing up in my timeline, I thought I need to write my own wish list. On my wish list: New takkies. I’ve started running again on a regular basis. And I noticed I need to replace my Asics with a fresh pair. Bought my current pair in 2010. […]
Banana Bread – December 2013 version
Four, very overripe bananas in my kitchen… means it’s time for banana bread. I found this recipe while searching for the keyphrase “coconut banana bread” and decided to give it a try: Ingredients 4 bananas, (2 1/2 cups mashed or 575 grams)(they can be yellow bananas) 4 eggs 1/2 cup almond butter (140 grams)(or coconut, […]
Looking down
Leaves, leaves, leaves. Earlier. Some weeks ago. Looking up. Leaves, leaves. leaves. How to motivate yourself
This article continues some thoughts discussed in a previous entry: How To Motivate Yourself Into an Exercise Routine You'll Actually Stick To. I like the idea of thinking in systems.
Underperforming students at Chanco
This is sad news: It’s so tough to get to Chanco in the first place and then this. Their relatives will be devastated. I’m sure lots of aunts and uncles paid towards their secondary school and exam fees. I know very few students that make it to uni level in Malawi. Most lack the […]
Rapid fire trading
"rapid-fire trading involves algorithms, or bots, that can make decisions on the order of milliseconds (ms). " — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) November 30, 2013 "By contrast, it takes a human at least one full second to both recognize and react to potential danger." — ✁___CollectThisTweet (@nchenga) November 30, 2013 Wow. Compare and contrast with […]
Via an old snapshot, a link to an interesting architectural idea. Small, compact, moveable houses: miniHome.
WooCommerce and SEO
What are the SEO recommendations for a site using a WooCommerce theme? What are the challenges compared to a normal WordPress site? I started searching a little bit: Yoast offers an SEO plugin for 29$ Youtube video: How to make your site SEO friendly WooCommerce SEO plugin review, is it worth a purchase? (This site […]
A November Snapshot
I took this snapshot while cycling in Basel. Temperatures dropped to freezing point and once again it’s time to wear lots of layers, scarves and gloves. Hard to imagine that once upon a time I didn’t own a winter coat. I still prefer cycling in the cold. If temperatures drop further as they often do […]
Scott Adams on Goals vs. Systems
Recommended: Scott Adams Blog: Goals vs. Systems “Before long your body will be trained, like Pavlov’s dogs, to crave the psychological lift you get from being active every day.” Lots of food for thought in this article. I particularly like the notes on writing and using blogging as a system to find new opportunities. Also […]
close up of my running shoes
Putting on my running shoes and lots of layers.
10 Free Hack Guides
for future reference: Link: 10 Free Hack Guides. I read the first entry on pdfs and immediately thought this is useful.
Where is Mount Chiperone?
Another Chiperoni reference: This blog is named after the drizzle rain we get in the Shire Highlands. Where is Mount Chiperone located? Mount Chiperone in northern Mozambique is a semi-isolated peak situated some 50 km south of the Mount Mulanje massif in southern Malawi. It lies in Milange District of Zambézia Province, 40 km SSW […]
Google Hummingbird links
The latest addition to the SEO zoo is a hummingbird. The algorithm change was announced in September 2013 but went live a month earlier. Searchengineland has some useful background information: FAQ: All About The New Google “Hummingbird” Algorithm Hummingbird’s Impact On B2B Sites Apparently this release will improve Google’s ability to predict a user’s search […]
Affordance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I read a new, unknown word today: Affordance – See definition on Wikipedia. A potential action that is made possible by a given object or environment; especially, one that is made easily discoverable. Hadn’t heard of it before. This is the context I heard it in: The term has further evolved for use in the […]
10 Mac Productivity Tools
10 Mac Productivity Tools … that you can’t live without? Let’s leave out the hyperbole. But the links are good. (I miss old Skitch but i don’t want to use Evernote. My killer app for notes is called Chiperoni… in combination with Twitter and Flickr.)