eleven forty eight
Happy Saturday. I am installing a Joomla 2.5 template. Finishing off my tax declaration. Listening to the radio. Currently on air: a feature on tea. Random fact: Germany consumes more tea per person than China or India cos there are many people so poor they can’t afford even tea. Africa exports the majority of its […]
Somebody forgot to tell the bots
A couple of weeks ago i stumbled across this story: “Unfortunately, the digital restriction management (DRM) robots on UStream had not been programmed with these basic contours of copyright law.” Scary future.
Scrum and Design
At the day job, I am part of a Scrum development project. Within this context, I was searching for practical experience / best practices on how to manage the web design part of a web application. Before the project started, I asked some people for their advice and googled around. Just like the discussion at […]
Multi-headed Drupal
For future reference: Some background links on setting up large Drupal sites: Talk at DrupalCon Munich by Crell Multi-headed Drupal Domain access Organic groups