Unplanned photo tour
Walked thru parts of Riehen and Chrischona today. The weather was better than expected. Took lots of flower snapshots for the boring flower snapshot set. So boring they easily qualify. I found this sign on my way back to my bicycle: Made me smile.   I continued exploring Jekyll (see yesterday’s post). Bin gespannt.   […]
Building websites with Jekyll, Github Pages
This post has made me very curious. They use a different stack: Jekyll for page templates and static file generation HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files GitHub Pages static HTTP server Supplemented with external APIs where necessary I guess, you can convert WordPress to static HTML. I found this description. Looking a little further, there’s this […]
Kamikaze wasp
While cycling this morning – on my way to church – a wasp flew directly into my face and stung me on my lower lip. Somehow I managed to remove the stinger. Luckily I am not allergic. I used my bottle of ice water to cool the sting. Natural remedies: place a slice of onion […]
Wi-fi fridge
Do we need this? Looks like more and more machines are built to auto-transmit signals back to the manufacturer.
Shooting like a pro
Took part in a photo shooting at the day job. I learnt a lot by watching a pro. Lighting – using indirect flash and white boards to bounce the light. Tethered shooting – to position the photo and to check the lighting and sharpness on a larger screen. Quantity – the photographer took 28 GB […]
Slow start to a beautiful day. Listening to dradio.de and sipping Chicco d’oro coffee and reading my way thru awesome Twitter people and browsing thru Flickr. 2 laptops, 1 iPod Touch, 1 Blackberry, and 1 Canon digicam all within close distance. Generation screen. It’s caturday. Planning to head to the swimming pool later. Loading my […]