Running update
I took part in the Basel Firmenlauf yesterday evening. Not a very long race at 6.3 km, but for me it was special, since it marked my first running goal for this year. My first public race in a long time. I was very excited. It was warm and humid yesterday with temperatures around 30 […]
Beautiful day
I went photo-walking with other Basel Flickrites. We walked from Messe-Platz to Depot Basel. My highlight was the garden boxes in front of Basel Depot. Some of my snapshots:
Low cost stock photos
for future reference, a list of useful photo resources: Searching on Facebook: I previously posted this link on one of my Facebook accounts. But i couldn’t find it although i knew which timeframe and FB account. Plus if a FB post doesn’t have any likes or comments or shares, it gets demoted. Very one-sided […]
according to”¦ “nchenga” is the Chisena word for Greater Honeyguide, Black-throated Honeyguide”¦ — sand (@nchenga) June 10, 2012
I made some hummus following this recipe
Barcamp Bodensee 2012
I attended Barcamp Bodensee in Friedrichshafen yesterday. Very enjoyable. Big thank you to the organizers. It was worth getting up early. It started with breakfast and an emotional greeting by Oliver Gassner: “The internet is made of people.” And it was truly impressive to see so many people attending and participating. The location at Zeppelin […]
For future reference, some twitter poetry to keep: Faved RT @MissKateSmall: RT @SummerHouseSA: “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “Its today” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day” said Pooh. ☺ — sand (@nchenga) June 7, 2012
Kämpfa, kämpfa
via Cyberwriter, the Swiss version of “Never give up”