Copy and paste from Chrome to Gmail

My Gmail tip of the day: copy and paste from another website to Gmail.

Via Lifehacker.

And with this hack, I will not need the spammy ads via Send using Gmail (I hope) (maybe).


1 May 2012

Blogging advice in 2012 err… 2011:

“Don’t look at it as a Blog ”“ It’s content distribution.”

Heh, I thought blogging’s dead?!

It’s the first of May – a public holiday in my part of Switzerland. I am listening to BBC radio and reading news distributed via Facebook and Twitter.

Random useless fact of the day:
I woke up at 5:40. For the second day in a row.

I have been posting snapshots on Flickr:

meticulous: a gardening shed

warnung vor dem hunde

And may I say that my set of really boring flower snapshots is… well… really, truly boring.

I received an offline comment on this phrase on my Flickr profile:

Unhindered by talent or technical skills, I hope I can at least convey the fun I’m having.

Questions and random observations:

By the way, where can i find the best samosas in Basel? And I still haven’t solved the issue of best dim sum in Basel.

Which Klippan cover should i get for my Klippan couch?

Via this tweet, celebrate the end of winter with this Italian children’s song

Fruit fool:
I was just reminded of my first cooking class at Saint Andrew’s: we made fruit fool – with custard and seasonal fruit.

Twitter has changed my reading habits. If a webpage is full of text… So I’d better stop soon.