Blogging isn’t dead (yet)
Heh, heh. Here is a “why you should blog” article from January 2012. Blogging isn’t dead (yet). I just spent hours trying to de-infest a Joomla 1.0 or 1.5 site from spam. And I am ready to leave PHP behind me forever.
My Sunday fun tweet…
In response to @livilodge’s RT of @runwildsafaris’ tweet: RT @runwildsafaris: Giraffe herd. Big Kudu bull, 2,5 turns on the horns, Impala, Wildebees, Zebra. Some cloud on the horizon. Hot afternoon. — richard chanter (@livilodge) April 15, 2012 I wrote: @livilodge @runwildsafaris rainy grey day in basel, switzerland. Saw a couple of dogs on leashes. You […]
Not linear
via Whiteafrican, I read this blog post The problem with most social networks is the assumption that your life is linear and that people are interested in accumulating their own personal histories in one single repository.
Searching within Gmail
Useful help on advanced search for Gmail
Consumer literacy
interesting read: I just think that people seem less and less concerned about where their information comes from at a time when I think they should be more and more concerned about it.