DLF for the win

I have always been a radio junkie. Listening to news and current affairs.

Favorite radio stations include BBC World Service, NPR.

Started listening to Deutschlandfunk. I like the detailed news hour coverage.

Some free time

Postponed my day trip to the mountains. Cos of rain. The weather is improving this afternoon….

Some free time to clean and sort and catch up with things. And unbox some of those remaining moving boxes.

I am trying very hard not to read work-related emails on my Blackberry.

I am watching the news. Following tweets. Reading lots of news articles.

Like this one:

Der Finanzsektor befindet sich in der Lage, grenzenlos bis zu jenem Punkt wachsen zu können, an welchem er schließlich die Realwirtschaft völlig ausgeblutet hat.

or this one

That’s because, unlike a political campaign designed to get some person in office and then close up shop (as in the election of Obama), this is not a movement with a traditional narrative arc. As the product of the decentralized networked-era culture, it is less about victory than sustainability. It is not about one-pointedness, but inclusion and groping toward consensus. It is not like a book; it is like the Internet.

I went to see Le Havre by Aki Kaurismäki last week. Enjoyed it. Every angle is carefully planned. The plot is simple. A fairy tale. But very fitting, in this day and age where our governments are discussing how to save banks rather than helping people find jobs, education, or affordable health care.