Random notes
Cos my bike was in for repairs, I took the tram today. Leaving the Basel SBB tram station, there’s a taped announcement welcoming passengers to Basel in English and in German. This evening, it was different: The announcement was spoken live, in a jovial mood, and in 6 languages, including Spanish and Turkish. And the […]
8000 entries on Flickr
Landmark of 8000 items on Flickr = reached. Tonnes of snapshots on Flickr document my journey thru everyday life. I started taking photos for this blog. Yeah… blame it on blogging. Snapshots of Daily, mundane things Bicycles Urban details / photo walks Travel / landscape
Global websites
Useful link on internationalization.
Twitter question: I have a protected account. How do I approve my follower requests?
Yesterday someone asked me how to approve follower requests from an iPhone. It turns out that you can’t approve follower requests from the iPhone app. You need to approve followers via the web or email: If you have protected your Tweets, you can approve followers from your account home page or profile page (see screenshots […]
Bicycle power in Malawi
Recommended reading: France 24 on cycling as a major form of transport. “The bicycle is very popular in Malawi, because people can’t afford a motorbike and because Malawi has a high density of population,” said Dutchman Peter Meijer who set up a bike business, Sakaramenta, in 2009. Here is a link to Peter Meijer’s company […]
Photos from the Netherlands
I went to the Netherlands for a long weekend. An inspiring place for a passionate cyclist like me…. I flew to Amsterdam and then rented bike and cycled north in direction Hoorn, along the Ijsselmeer. Very beautiful and lots of fun. The weather was sunny on my way up, but very rainy and windy on […]