Data silo
BTW, if you’re starting a blog – cos it’s an easy way to increase visibility… Have fun. Those times are long past. Way back in 2002 and 2003. Ask the bloggers behind Chiperoni and Handmade2.0. And… even in 2003 it wasn’t as “easy” as some of the internet experts try to make it sound. Blogging […]
It’s your data
Dave Winer: Have the courage to stake out your spot on the open web.
Some keyboard functions are ingrained. Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-S But some are not. E.g. by accident i hit the F11 key in Firefox and had to google to find out how to get back. Luckily I am not alone…. I made my firefox full-screen; how do I change it back? I was typing a message and […]
Photo walk in Dreispitz, Basel
I went Flickr photo walking with 7 other Flickrites in the Dreispitz industrial zone of Basel. Here are 25 of my snapshots for your perusal: