Mount Chiperone in Mocambique – a photo
So excited. I found a picture of Mount Chiperone – the name giver of my blog. The internet is amazing.
Bike tour to Bad Säckingen and back
I cycled over 60 km to Bad Säckingen via an unwanted detour to Liestal, and then on to Rheinfelden, Möhlin, Wallbach, Stein. I cycled back on the German side via Schwörstadt, Grenzach-Wyhlen. No mountains. A few hills. I only took a few photos. Coming soon.
Bike tour Basel to Bad Bellingen and back
A quick blog post to document Monday’s mini tour to Bad Bellingen and back. I wanted to avoid cycling along the Rhine cos it is so monotonous and boring on the German side (done it before and found it boring). I started ok but somewhere between Märt and Efringen-Kirchen all bicycle path signs took me […]
Saint Peter
Some architecture snapshots of a church built in the mid sixties. Unfortunately the door was closed so I’ll have to go back for the glass windows.
SEO ranking factors
2 resource links – for future reference Periodic table from a survey: keyword is the exact-match root domain keyword present in the title element/tag uniqueness of the content on the page uniqueness of content across the whole site search volume for the brand/domain authority of users tweeting links to a page quantity of unique domains […]
Bike tour to Kandern and back
From Basel about 17 km one way. Via Weil am Rhein, Binzen and Wollbach, along the railway tracks to Kandern. Easy ride.   Wow, Google Maps now offers a bicycle option in its Get Directions menu. Though not for the route below.   View Larger Map
SEO in the year 2011
I want to write a blog post on SEO. My primary motivation is to learn what the changes are and I learn best by writing my own notes. Here we go. Some notes on SEO off the top of my head and unsorted: Panda Following the Panda release and other algrithmic changes by Google, the […]
Khonde is the Malawi word for verandah