Banana bread recipe
For future reference Just found another banana bread recipe to try out: Black banana cake
Spring is here
Beautiful sunny Sunday. Today’s activities: I went to church, the fitness center, and sat in the park and drank a latte macchiato in the beautiful spring sun. And I took some snapshots. 20th March was my grandmother’s birthday. I always wanted to write her story: the little that I know from my mother and what […]
Internet culture
On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog
Crowdsourcing examples
One recurring buzzword that has entered the business world is “crowdsourcing” – it is used as a silver bullet in all sorts of contexts. Here are some notes and thoughts: Wikipedia has a good definition and describes how the term emerged. Famous examples are: Facebook’s use of the community to translate its interface. or Twitter […]
Martin Gyger is exhibiting
A backlink for a local Basel artist: Martin Gyger is showing recent work in a small show at: Gemeinschaftspraxis Auberg 7, Zentrum für Osteopathie, Auberg 7 in 4051 Basel Related news item: In a 3sat Kulturzeit interview Heike Faller said if you really want to invest ethically, you need to understand the product you are […]
There are always two sides
Just started a Twitter storm with the extraordinary mllea following my tweet yesterday evening to investigate all PhDs with the same scrutiny and dedication that Mr. zu Guttenberg has been subjected to: I don’t support zu Guttenberg and I think what he did is simply wrong. But there is another aspect in this story that […]